If you are tired of paying more every year for worse health insurance coverage for your company, and your employees are frustrated with increasing deductibles, co-payments, and poor access to their doctors...

We have a solution!

By working directly with ProPartners primary care physicians and adjusting your major group health insurance plan, you can actually reverse skyrocketing healthcare costs that are hitting most small and medium-sized companies year after year. Many companies can save 20-40% over their previous year's cost.

As ProPartners Direct Care members, your employees and their families will receive all primary care services from their choice of ProPartners physicians with guaranteed same day appointments and 24/7 direct access to their doctor by phone, text and email. The right kind of accompanying group insurance plan will provide excellent benefits for hospitalization and specialty care at surprisingly low rates.

Let us show you how you can offer full major medical health insurance and the benefit of concierge medicine to your entire workforce and also enjoy significant savings over traditional health plans.

Just call 913.451.4776 or click CONTACT ME below and we'll get back with you or someone at your company right away.

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