Milestone Health Assessment

Sometimes a milestone age in life can be an opportunity to take stock of where you are and where you are headed. The most effective plan to help you achieve your health goals requires an extremely thorough baseline evaluation followed by periodic assessments of your progress toward optimal health.

Milestone Health Assessments are comprehensive check-ups that provide you and your physician with every piece of data that you need to implement a multi-faceted plan for improving your health and performance.

To get started click HERE and choose "Milestone Health Assessment" or call 913.451.4776.  It will be the most complete assessment of your health that you will probably ever have, and your family will thank you.



Basic Health Assessment

Adults of all ages should have periodic health assessments even if they feel fine. You will live a longer, healthier life if you have medical screenings on a regular basis and address any risk factors that are discovered.

Basic Health Assessments include a comprehensive health history and physical examination performed by a physician specializing in preventive health, routine screening laboratory work including cholesterol tests, blood sugar, liver and kidney function tests, complete blood count, thyroid function screening, urinalysis, and prostate cancer test and testosterone check or Pap Test (if indicated). Other tests may be recommended by the physician based on your unique needs.

A Basic Health Assessment at ProPartners is comparable to the "annual check-up" performed at many primary care offices.  While this assessment may be completely covered by health insurance, there may be valuable health information omitted that is obtained only through a more complete Milestone Health Assessment.