Milestone Health Assessment

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Physician Evaluation
An extensive medical history and physical examination.
Blood chemistry and urinalysis that tests for cholesterol, blood sugar, hemoglobin A1C, liver and kidney function, electrolytes, serum proteins, complete blood count, thyroid function, C-reactive protein, vitamin D, testosterone and PSA prostate cancer test or Pap test (if indicated), and colon cancer screening.
Omega3 Index
The HS-Omega-3 Index® is an accurate, precise and validated measure of omega-3 levels in red blood cells. This test quickly reflects changes in omega-3 intake from food and dietary supplements.
Titmus Vision
Screening for near and distant vision, color vision, depth perception, and visual fields.
Hearing Exam
Pure tone audiometry in sound booth screens for hearing loss at all frequencies.
Pulmonary Function Test
Computer-based spirometry evaluate lung volume and function and identifies asthma, emphysema, restrictive lung impairment, and other lung abnormalities.
Electrocardiogram (EKG)
Measures electrical activity of the heart from 12 directions and identifies numerous potential abnormalities.
Electronic Summary Report
All results and an Executive Summary from the evaluating physician with detailed recommendations for your health are delivered to you via secure private patient portal.
NMR LipoProfile
More detailed lipid blood tests including direct measurement of LDL particle number, LDL particle size, HDL, and VLDL that each play significant roles in the development of heart disease.
Treadmill Stress Test (Exercise EKG)
Electrocardiogram and blood pressure measurements monitored continually during exercise to identify limitation of blood flow to the heart muscle and early signs of hypertension.

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Additional Services Available

Chest X-Ray*
Vascular Screening*
Allergy Screening
Full STD Screening
Vitamin Analysis (Intracellular)
Tuberculosis Skin Test
Routine Immunizations
Registered Dietitian Consultation
Physician Summary Consultation
Metabolic Testing

*may be performed off-site

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