9 Reasons Direct Primary Care
may be right for you

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I still have some questions. How do I know if Direct Primary Care at ProPartners might be right for me?

1. You have or can choose a high deductible

If your employer/insurance carrier allows you to choose a less expensive insurance plan option with higher deductibles and co-payments, your insurance premium savings may offset or entirely pay your monthly membership fees.

2. You might spend more out-of-pocket than your Direct Care membership fees otherwise

If you think you may spend more over the next few years on deductibles, co-payments, and other out-of-pocket expenses through your current/traditional health insurance than the cost of ProPartners' membership fees, you may keep more of your own money by becoming a member.

3. You pay a lot for labs

If you expect to pay a significant amount for laboratory work (blood tests) over the next few years, you may save enough to pay the majority of your monthly membership fees by joining. Direct Care Members enjoy lab prices that are significantly less than what you would likely pay through traditional health insurance plans.

4. Your time is valuable

If your time is valuable and you would like to be able to be treated by your doctor over the phone (or email/Skype), our estimates are that about half of all general medical visits to our office can be avoided and performed as “virtual” visits under the direct primary care model.

5. You want more time with your doctor

If you feel rushed during visits with your doctor, Direct Care Members are in charge of how much time they spend with their doctor. Visits may be scheduled for up to a full hour and may address as many medical concerns as the member chooses.

6. You want unrestricted access to your doctor and all of his services

Direct Care Members enjoy unrestricted access to their doctor and all the services he can provide in his office for no additional charge. This includes office visits; “virtual” office visits; all office surgeries; EKG; treadmill tests; vision, hearing, and lung function tests, and other services.

7. You spend money on A PERSONAL fitness trainer

If you spend money on a personal fitness trainer, Direct Care Members have access to ProPartners personal trainer, registered dietitian and other fitness services* at “cost” (heavily discounted prices). Utilizing ProPartners for these fitness consultations may save you a portion of your monthly membership fees. *Available at some locations.

8. You like your ProPartners doctor

If you like your current doctor and/or the way his office operates and want to keep your doctor, becoming a Direct Care Member will be the only way to keep your current physician at ProPartners and ensure a high level of access to a primary care physician as the projected primary care shortage ensues. All physicians at ProPartners are now direct primary care physicians.

9. You are an employer trying to contain costs

If you are an employer who is looking for a way to contain health insurance costs while ensuring high-quality care for your employees, combining Direct Care memberships with a lower-cost “wrap-around” insurance policy may save employers 20-35% on comprehensive health care benefits over what they currently spend, while employees’ payments drop significantly. This combined approach meets the “employer mandate” provision in the Affordable Care Act.

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