Direct Primary Care Physician Practice (DPC)

ProPartners Healthcare is a more convenient and affordable alternative to the Spira Care clinics being promoted in conjunction with certain Blue Cross / Blue Shield group insurance plans in the Kansas City area.

Compared with Spira Care, ProPartners offers:

  • Your own personal physician (not a random doctor or nurse practitioner)

  • 24/7 direct access to your personal physician via phone, text, email and secure online patient portal

  • Guaranteed same-day appointments

  • Extended visits up to 1 hour

  • Unlimited access to your physician, regardless of health plan or carrier offered by your employer

  • Companies may continue to offer the premium benefit of ProPartners direct primary care memberships, regardless of what insurance plans, carriers or health benefits they choose to provide

  • You can keep your doctor! Patients at ProPartners may continue their relationship with ProPartners as individuals and families even if their employer no longer sponsors membership with other health benefits

Read on to learn how you can have BETTER, FASTER and CHEAPER primary care at ProPartners!